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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cocoa Beach Outing

Hello everyone:

The OAL team invites everyone to a nice quick getaway to Cocoa Beach, Monday the 18th, 2006 (from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm)

* Departure time: 9:30 am
* Departure place: Bocadillo parking lot

* Return time: 2:30 pm
* Return place: Bocadillo parking lot

* beach ball
* volley ball
* mini soccer game
* swimming
* picnic.... Any type of food , snacks, or drinks are welcomed .
* fun ... :-)

Please be at the departure place 10 minutes before . Do not forget to bring your swimming shorts and beach towels

We are looking forward to having some good time with you guys.



boujdi said...

Subject: cocoa beach outing
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006
Salam LIONS,

I just want to take a moment here to thank everyone of you who attent the COCOA BEACH OUTING last monday (sept18th).It was really fun and a geat pleasure to see you all together side by side somewhere else beside soccer fields:).That actually shows how much you all care and commit to each other.

And for the ones who could not make it ,SORRY;but i do appreciate your compliments and feedbacks via e-mails and phone calls -here or abroad-which it tells us a lot about your -positivity- and your support for what we accomplished and whatever else that we are working on achieving as a group.

It was really a very fun pleasant day i have to say , and we are looking foreward to seeing more of you in the excursions or any other sort of events to come.

"Keep on keeping on" :your positive attitude,commitment and dedication is all we have , and that's all we need to keep us the BEST..


1:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

Salam everyone:
i would like to be one of the first BEOBLE( people in the atlas lions accent. hahaha) to wish you a happy ramadan and may allah accept your fasting and all your du3aa. please dont forget to include all of us in your prayers inchaa allah
i will see you in less than 48h inchaallah

3:28 PM  

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