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Friday, September 08, 2006

OAL Web: What's New

Hi all:

1. The Multimedia Page has been improved, more entertainment is yet to come under "TV Radio & Music" on the left pane

2. Our First Radio ... check it out ! other genres are to follow (thank you for your patience) under "TV Radio & Music" on the left pane

3. FREE OAL Friendly Business Directory. Please help us make it inclusive and expansive. under "Business & Investment" on the left pane

4. Clip containing the goals of Morocco vs Malawi was added to the front page

5. World News are now streamlined and scroll to save site real estate (We are working on having Moroccan news that use RSS technology (automatic update) included)

Please forward this blog to anyone else, as you see fit. Let us know if anyone else would like to receive our newsletter directly, we would love to add them to our mailing list.



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