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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Welcome New Coach

Sent: 21 Sep '06 19:54
Subject: Welcome coach

Dear OAL members and friends:

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of FouadSadiki as the new coach for the OAL's team.We take this moment to forward our heartfelt thanks to our outgoingcoach Abdeljabar Alfadel.Abdeljabar has performed well, given his valiant effort to ensure theflawless operations of his challenging (at times conflicting) duties.His dedication and unselfishness ensured that the team's successcontinues.Fouad Sadiki has graciously agreed to take over a team with a history of(and thirst for) winning. His main goal is to keep our team's successongoing.Please join us in welcoming Fouad to his new role. As always, we areall ready to help our new coach, should he require any assistance.



Anonymous said...

> From:
> Subject: Re: Welcome coach!
> Sent: 23 Sep '06 07:31
> I second this intiative to welcome our brother Fouad to the coaching position of our team, i hope that he finds in us a role model and a compliant team
> Dear Abdeljabbar, if,now, the orlando atlas lions is a team functioning like a clock, it wouldnt be without all the outstanding effort and dedication you have brought into our organization. As we all know how busy you are with your academic committment, we wish u the best and the success you deserve
> Rachid4x4

3:25 PM  

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